The Health Wagon Shipping  Label

The Health Wagon Shipping Label

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St. Mary's Health Wagon’s mission is to provide compassionate, quality health care to the medically underserved people in the mountains of Appalachia. The Health Wagon is the nation's oldest mobile free clinic, serving the most vulnerable. Our patients have no insurance or may have insurance but have high co-pays and deductibles. By continually expanding our reach, we ensure that rural Virginians receive the essential primary and specialty care they require at no cost. Since our founding more than four decades ago, the Health Wagon has grown to include four mobile units, two standalone medical clinics, a dental clinic and a drive-thru pharmacy. Your donations play a vital role in delivering lifesaving healthcare to the impoverished people of Central Appalachia through both mobile and stationary clinics. Without your generosity, they would have no access to essential healthcare services at all.

Shipping address (commercial): 5626 Patriot Drive/P.O. Box 7070, Wise, VA 24293

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