Teachers Teammates

Teachers Teammates

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ACCEPTED DONATION LIST: We are looking for clean, safe and interesting donations that will support our
local teachers and students while at the same time preserving our environment. Please note: All donations
must be in good working order, readily usable without assembly or repair, free of dirt, mold, water damage
or pet hair.


 2-Pocket Folders
 Notebooks: wide and college rule, Composition and
Single Subject Spiral
 Filler Paper, wide and college rule
 Wrapping, Construction, Newsprint, Sketch Books
 Matte, Poster & Foam Boards
 Reams of copy paper
 Legal Pads and Steno Books
 Books: K-12, all kinds
 Washable Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils,
Highlighters, Dry Erase Markers, #2 Pencils, Erasers
(pencil top & “pink”), Pens, Sharpies
 Rulers, Protractors, Compasses
 Working Calculators
 Pencil Pouches and Backpacks
 Glue Sticks and Glue Bottles
 Pencil Sharpeners (hand held and electric)
 Lap size Whiteboards, whiteboard erasers
 Face Masks, Disinfectant Wipes

 Craft books and craft magazines
 Craft kits and misc. crafting items
 Fabric (scrap or full pieces)
 Vinyl and leather pieces and scraps
 Notions (buttons, ribbon, trim, rickrack, yarn, thread,
zippers, etc.)
 Spools and cores (empty or with thread)
 Toner cartridges (new and used)
 Jewelry, beads (broken is ok)
 Paint and Brushes

 Desktop Accessories, staplers, tape dispensers and
 3-ring binders
 File folders including hanging folders

 Ziploc bags all sizes: new and used but clean
 Reusable bags: brown paper, canvas
 Plastic Storage Bins

 Toys: new or clean and gently used
 Puzzles and Games (new or all pieces included)
 New earbuds and headphones
 Electronics: i.e. mice, keyboards, thumb drives
 Lab Equipment: beakers, flasks, test tubes, funnels,
microscopes, petri dishes, pipettes, tips and trays,
vials, gloves, protective eyewear
 Discontinued Items, Overruns & Surplus Materials
 Cardboard Barrels & X-Large Bins to sort supplies
 Promotional Items

 Clothespins, corks, cups, plates, only new straws
(paper and plastic, NO GLASS)
 Frames (picture or cardboard)
 Greeting cards (new)
 Calendars with pictures
 Paring Knives and Vegetable Peelers
(for Culinary Arts Students)
 Trash Containers: New or Very Clean/Like-New i.e.
office-size, 32-64 gallon to be used as collection bins

 Silica Gel Packets, Rubber Bands
 Rock and Shell Collections
 Tile (small pieces only, not broken)
 Small Furniture: chairs, tables, student desks, easels,
bulletin boards, book shelves, etc. in good, clean
 Samples and Sample Books of any kind: wallpaper,
carpet, paint, laminate, etc.