Give n' Glow Shipping Label

Give n' Glow Shipping Label

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Give n' Glow is a non-profit organization that operates to empower underserved women who deserve to have more than the bare minimum beauty care. We exist to provide affordable, high-quality makeup that ignites confidence and self-love. We are a donation pipeline that redistributes beauty products to women in adverse circumstances when these products would otherwise go to waste. 

What we accept: We accept new and gently used cosmetics, skin care and hair care. All woman deserve to have the opportunity to navigate the world of self-care through accessible channels of beauty empowerment and creative expression. 

Donations: For donations, we have a product guide (Give Products | Give N Glow) that emphasizes what we can and cannot accept for gently used items. 

Our greatest needs: 
  • -Diverse array of skin tones for concealers, foundations, etc.
  • -Hair care of all types
  • -Any skin care, hair care, and cosmetic products you do not use!