Welcome Blanket Shipping Label

Welcome Blanket Shipping Label

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Makers across the country craft Welcome Blankets for refugee families coming to the United States, and share stories of their family’s own immigration, migration, or relocation. These works are exhibited at cultural institutions across the country to amplify the effort. After they are shown, Welcome Blankets are distributed through refugee organizations as symbolic and practical gifts of welcome for our newest neighbors. 

So far, more than 6,500 blankets have been made and gifted.
1. Make a Welcome Blanket
Everyone is welcome to craft a Welcome Blanket. All mediums are welcome. We even have a pattern to try (https://www.welcomeblanket.org/patterns) and some wonderful examples (https://www.welcomeblanket.org/gallery). 

Here are the design guidelines: 
- 40”X40” 
- Easy to care for and 
- Hard to give away (it should hurt a little bit because you love it so much!)

2. Write a Welcome Note
With your Welcome Blanket, please include a story important to your family about immigration, migration, or relocation along with some words of welcome for the recipient of your Welcome Blanket gift.

Please include your name (anonymous is ok!), city/state, and care instructions.

3. Carefully wrap and package your Welcome Blanket(s) and Welcome Note(s).

4. Purchase your Give Back Box shipping label.

5. Drop off at any UPS location!