Rachel's Gift Shipping Label

Rachel's Gift Shipping Label

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Our Purpose: No parent should suffer the loss of a baby alone. We are devoted to validating each child's life. Our purpose is to lend guidance on the path to healing. 

Mission: Rachel's Gift provides crisis care, memorial items, support groups, and follow up care to parents experiencing the loss of a baby as well as comprehensive and accredited bereavement education to partnering hospitals, OB offices, and Emergency Room staff.

Here are the items we take: 

Knitted or Crochet Baby Blankets
Knitting and crocheting volunteers play a vital role in bringing compassion and support to bereaved moms and families. Blankets donated to Rachel’s Gift are gifted directly at the bedsides of grieving mothers. Your handmade blankets will forever be treasured keepsakes to parents whose children were in their arms for only a matter of moments. For more detailed specifications: https://www.rachelsgift.org/baby-blankets.html

Handmade Infant burial gowns and wraps. Donated burial gowns made from wedding dresses are provided to our partnering hospitals. Photos, requests for material, and patterns available here: https://www.rachelsgift.org/burial-gowns.html