Dance Fairies

Dance Fairies

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  • Gently used or new dance costumes and leotards (all sizes and styles)
  • Ballet, tap, and jazz shoes that are in new or very gently used (practically brand new) condition (all sizes)
  • Pink, tan, black new tights (all sizes)

Additional Information: 

  • Dance costumes and leotards must be in good condition without visible stains or tears. Accessories have to be attached to the costumes in a small ziplock bag. We do not accept dance costumes that are over 15 years old.
  • Shoes must be appropriately cleaned, disinfected, and come in a pair and tied together. 

Dance Fairies is registered 501(c)(3), a non-profit organization founded by a passionate young dancer. Our organization's sole mission is to spread the joy of dance to aspiring young dancers in the community and around the world. Over four years ago, we embarked on our journey, and in that short time, we were able to collect and re-distributed thousands of gently used costumes, leotards, and all types of dance attire to aspiring dancers near and far. After the performances and competitions, dance costumes usually end up in closets taking up space and collecting dust. This is where the Dance Fairies organization comes in! Not only are we giving those costumes a second chance to sparkle on stage again, but we are sharing our love of dance with those less fortunate and also reducing the impact on environmental resources. The production of textiles is exhaustive on resources like land, water, and energy throughout the manufacturing and transportation process and is a significant contributor to pollution in waterways. Therefore, our "reuse and reduce" efforts have a direct positive impact on young aspiring dancers and the global landfills. Not only is reusing costumes cost-effective and good for the environment, but it sometimes can add extra meaning and significance to a performer when they are able to dance wearing the same costume as a dancer who donated it.

Dance Fairies' mission in 2022 is to collect and re-distribute 10,000 costumes. To reach our go, all we need is YOU! Please consider donating and help make a difference in the life of a little dancer who does not have access to needed dance attire. Your involvement will allow us to help many children and bring a glowing smile to their faces!

For more information about our organization, please visit our website at or Facebook page at"